Playgrounds Coming In Different Shapes & Sizes

Cookie-cutter playsystems with posts and elevated decks are beginning to give way to new innovative designs. Since the early 1970s, playgrounds have invariably featured composite playstructures with elevated decks. And while these traditional playsystems have their place, new design trends are increasingly breaking this traditional mold, offering users an array of functionally linked net climbers, fitness clusters, and independent slides.... Read More »

Ever Wonder What Happens When You Put An Elephant On A Slide???

Heading out to the ol’ ballgame just got a lot more fun for young Oakland A’s fans and their parents. Earlier this spring, the A’s asked Ross Recreation to help them remodel their Fun Zone on the Coliseum’s mezzanine section with a new play area featuring a customized Landscape Structures playstructure.  Ross was there this weekend at the Ribbon Cutting,... Read More »

Ship Ahoy!

Landscape Structures’ ability to personalize a park site is in full display at the City & County of San Francisco’s newest playground at Cabrillo Park in the outer Richmond District. The park is named for the famous Portuguese explorer, the first to navigate the coast of present day California in 1542. Jasmine Kaw, landscape architect with the City & County of... Read More »

Life Costing Equipment

When I meet with cities and schools to discuss play equipment, I try to initiate a conversation about “the ownership proposition.” What do I mean by that? I mean the shared vision of what owning play equipment should look like over the life of the installation, not simply the initial purchase price. Isn’t that really the measure of performance? How long will... Read More »

Bille Park

One of my all time favorite Landscape Structures playgrounds was finally replaced with new LSI equipment this month after over 25 years. The Bille Park playground in Paradise, California (in the Sierra foothills near Chico) had served the surrounding communities with its venerable redwood and aluminum core structural components. Landscape Structures’ old “Alumacore” playsystem was a testament to sustainability, durability and fine design... Read More »

Landscape Structures Introduces New Products

Along with 350 other representatives from more than 30 countries, I flew to Minneapolis last month to attend Landscape Structures’ annual meeting. This was my 28th meeting and the 38th anniversary of Ross Recreation Equipment Company’s partnership with Landscape Structures! Steve King introduced us to an array of new products including “Pulse,” a sensor-activated electronic playground game that makes kids... Read More »

Success at ASLA 2012!

Last weekend, Landscape Structures attended the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Annual Meeting & Expo in Phoenix, and came home with an award that we’re excited to share with you. Landscape Structures’ booth space, themed Designed with Play in Mind, was voted by the attending Landscape Architects as Best in Show. The booth featured the PlayBooster Vibe with nature-inspired... Read More »

Shapes at Play

Who says outdoor play and learning have to be mutually exclusive? As a culture, we tend to compartmentalize play and learning (recess vs. classroom). The San Francisco Exploratorium has taken the concept of blending play and learning one step further by funding geometrically shaped climbers at museum playgrounds, school and city playgrounds. Kids are learning about geometry and spatial relationships,... Read More »