Out Is In At Seven Seas Park

More and more, our neighborhood parks are playing a central role in our community activities and social lives.  July is Park & Recreation month, a perfect time to get out and visit these neighborhood treasures and reflect on parks’ significance in our daily lives.  After home, school, and church, where do many of us likely spend most of our time?

Recently, I thought of this when visiting the City of Sunnyvale’s new Seven Seas Park, in the heart of Silicon Valley.  I wanted to inspect our newest Vortex splashpad and found to my delight a group of four year olds at a birthday celebration frolicking in the water under the watchful eye of parents and grandparents.  The splashpad birthday party idea was a first for me, but not surprising as these park amenities encourage spontaneous joy and multi-generational interaction. It is no wonder why splashpads are becoming increasingly popular and requested more and more in park plans and designs.

 photo yes2_zps31e7c38c.jpg

This July, I encourage you all to visit a public park in your area to enjoy family, friends and the outdoors, and reflect on how parks make our lives better.

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