Helping Communities Build Playgrounds is Our Specialty

A small site and a challenging budget doesn’t always mean that an exciting new playground is out of reach. Ask Catina Haugen, principal at Grant Elementary School in Petaluma. After an initial site visit, we explained to Catina how we could create an exciting but affordable new playground for her kindergarteners. By relying on parent volunteers, Catina was able to save thousands on labor costs that could go towards more fun play equipment. Ross Recreation staff helped organize the volunteer build, and provided the parent crew with a factory-certified installer, Dave Williams, for the day.

“Wow! What an awesome experience. The entire crew agreed that ALL projects should come with a “Dave.” He was great. We started at 8 (Dave on site around 7:30) and were cleaning up at noon.” – Catina Haugen

Volunteer builds are our specialty. Over 40 years, in fact, we have done hundreds of them. Volunteer installations build community and stretch budgets. To learn more about the benefits of community built playgrounds, click here.

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