Reflections on 2012

I have been selling play equipment for thirty years and I love every day of it. I took a moment to look back at some of the projects that really stood out over the past year and the cool aspects of my job.

Dolores Park, San Francisco: watching hundreds of kids swarming the new playground on an old site renovated by strong community commitment.

First Splashpad in the Mission District: as a Bay Area guy this was an exciting urban addition that added a new dimension to a famous San Francisco neighborhood.

Vets Home in Redding: helping in a small way to give back to those who have given our Country so much.

Fulton Playground Opening: seeing a diverse neighborhood join together to celebrate their new playground.

Heather School, San Carlos: the increadible volunteers putting up a structure in a rainstorm.

Inclusive Play Seminar: I learned a lot from our many attendees at this San Jose event.

Monte Rio School: helping design a spectacular new playground in the middle of the redwoods on the Russian River.

Splashpad in Oregon: watching my two year old granddaughter explore with joy this new park.

By Ewing Philbin

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