Water Journeys™

The inspiration for this new amenity is a running stream. A stream is an oasis of tranquility in nature where reflection, play and renewal happen. Vortex Aquatic Structures International has been a leader in aquatic play for over 18 years, manufacturing safe, economical and sustainable aquatic play amenities. Water Journeys™ is Vortex’s latest innovation and provides landscape architects and aquatic designers with new opportunities to create remarkable landmarks that are cross generational.   Water Journeys™ is a linear ground play area, created in imitation of nature’s water systems and includes: boating, flow management, rivers, and streams in a four module game installation.

Like in nature, what happens in one area of the stream impacts the conditions further downstream.  Children will quickly learn how their play affects others. Each game module offers a different interactive play experience and provides people of all ages a chance to engage in the Water Journeys® meeting place.

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