A family-owned business since 1973, Ross Recreation has a proven track record of providing safe, fun, creative and durable recreation sites in Northern California and Oregon. From research to ribbon-cutting, we guide our customers through every step of the project, helping to create inspiring community spaces that can be enjoyed for decades.

Founded in 1973, Ross Recreation has always been a family owned and operated company, committed to offering outdoor recreational product lines and construction services and providing innovative turnkey solutions for a variety of Northern California and Oregon park and playground projects.

With a passion for identifying our customers’ priorities and aspirations, coupled with our superior product lines, we have provided lasting recreational solutions to repeat customers throughout the West Coast for decades.

Our skilled and knowledgeable staff appreciates the importance of strong communities and we value our role in building them.

With each project opportunity, we look forward to fostering long-term relationships, selling premier products, offering outstanding customer service and support, and always operating with integrity.

Since 1973, Ross Recreation has led the industry in designing and installing park and playground products that demonstrate the highest level of craftsmanship, innovation, safety, accessibility, and sustainable design.

For over forty-seven years, we have remained highly selective about which product manufacturers we represent. They must mirror our own company objective: to ensure that products are not only fun and attractive, but also safe and durable for the communities they serve.

Our difference also lies in our outstanding customer service. We bring to each project a straightforward, can-do approach, along with four decades of industry experience.

As a licensed specialty contractor, our expertise gives us the ability to efficiently manage projects from beginning to end with integrity, making the process seamless, interesting and fun for our customers.

We are committed to offering our customers the most innovative, safe, accessible and durable park and playground products on the market; but also to providing a full-service, start-to-finish approach to project implementation. This commitment has fostered strong relationships with the communities we serve; relationships that have lasted decades.

Sustainability for Ross Recreation means maintaining a long-term perspective of how our actions affect future generations. As product representatives, we choose our manufacturers wisely; they must be leaders in safety, innovation and sustainability. As a result, the parks and playgrounds we install have the lowest impact on the environment, while still demonstrating the highest level of quality, durability and craftsmanship.

Sustainable practices meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Energy Conservation: We utilize LED lighting components and smart thermostats at our main office to reduce energy consumption. We have consistently reduced our paper usage, migrating to cloud based technologies and processes.

Efficient Office Processes: All Ross Recreation employees participate in Kaizen staff training, a program that provides ongoing support to improve office efficiencies, including conservation practices such as paperless communication and energy-saving office equipment usage.

Environmental Stewardship: Our Creek Stewardship Program has created a cleaner environment for plants, wildlife, and visitors of Brush Creek, a natural stream habitat that borders our main office.

Ross Recreation develops sustainable solutions to meet LEED® program requirements and Environmentally Preferred Purchasing policies. We offer products that contain recycled material, which conserve natural resources and divert waste from landfills. We also encourage the use of recyclable and biodegradable packing from our manufacturers.

Ross Recreation is committed to providing products that benefit not only the communities they become a part of, but also the natural environments they are used in.

Landscape Structures became the first commercial playground equipment manufacturer in North America to be ISO 14001 certified for environmental stewardship and sustainability continues to be a focal point of their manufacturing processes. Many of Landscape Structures’ park and playground equipment products contain pre- and post-consumer recycled material, including steel, aluminum, plastic and rubber.

Surface America offers playground surfacing products made from recycled material components, including rubber from used tires. Surface America’s parent company, ECORE™ International, recycles 80 million pounds of scrap tire rubber each year, helping conserve more than one million barrels of oil.

DuMor site furnishings contain recycled material, including plastic, steel and aluminum. Recycled plastic components are molded polyethylene, derived from post-consumer plastic bottle waste.

“The kids are really enjoying the playground. Building it together has helped our community get closer too. I love what the project did and that it is still being greatly enjoyed!” – Laura Haas, Vallejo Mill School PTA, Fremont CA

I’m so proud of how the playground has turned out – a great example of what can happen when a terrific  vendor supplies terrific equipment and the volunteers come together with everyone doing what he or she does best.  It’s a Rotary project that grew to involve the entire community, with great success.” – Nancy Radcliffe, Roseburg Morning Rotary Club, Roseburg, OR

“I have always enjoyed working with the sales people from Ross because they are accommodating, supportive and knowledgeable about playground products, and are conscious of the limitations of public school districts budgets.  It is because of individuals such as these that I continue to recommend Ross Recreation to other Districts for their playground needs.” – Larry Raffo, Facilities Construction Manager, Hillsborough City School District, CA

“I always look forward to working with Ross Recreation.  Their team is thorough, exudes the highest level of professionalism, communicates effectively, and delivers a beautiful product!  You know your project will run smoothly when they’re involved.” – Monica Mathieson, Recreation Supervisor, City of Fremont, CA