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Founded in 1973, Ross Recreation is a manufacturer’s representative for park and recreational equipment and a specialty contractor. We offer a full-service approach to a variety of project types, providing superior service to communities across Northern  California and Oregon. We’ve created thousands of innovative, safe and long-lasting outdoor recreational spaces.
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Landscape Structures Quantis® A.2

Angular and sculptural, Landscape Structures Quantis® A.2 beckons kids ages 5 to 12 with its open format playscape and intriguing challenges that defy expectations. Here you’ll find dynamic play packaged in a compact geometric design that’s perfect for pocket parks or any small footprint area. A strategic belt bridge creates universal access by connecting two access points, each one at... Read More »

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Landscape Structures 2022 Colors

Landscape Structures new 2022 Colors are everywhere. Color is just as important to the play experience as form. When applied with thoughtful inspiration, the right color choices can add visual texture and sculptural interest. With this in mind, Landscape Structures has developed gorgeous and rich proprietary colors. It’s an intentional shift to provide customers with better options and introduce the... Read More »

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Landscape Structures Quantis® A.3

Landscape Structures Quantis® A.3 combines several types of dynamic play activities in its compact design. A solid-rung climbing experience is found in one arch of the climber, while those that want more of a challenge can use the flexible cable and belt climber found in the other arch. Additionally, there is a cable and rung ladder, Swiggle Stix® Bridge, Oodle®... Read More »

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