Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park offers an adventurous escape right in the heart of Alameda, California. Immerse yourself in the jungle-themed playground, where two distinct play areas cater to both tots and bigger kids.


Step into the jungle at Lincoln Park and embark on an exciting journey of play and discovery. The 2-5 year old area features engaging structures designed with our youngest adventurers in mind, while the adjacent play area beckons older 5-12 kids to climb, slide, and explore. Benches along the periphery provide the perfect vantage point for parents and caregivers to supervise, while the dappled shade of nearby trees offers protection from the sun's rays. With its thoughtful design and natural surroundings, Lincoln Park is a haven for families seeking outdoor fun and adventure.


Alameda, California
End owner:
City of Alameda
City of Alameda
Playbooster™ 5-12, Playbooster™ 2-5

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