Ocean View Elementary School

Ocean View Elementary School welcomes students to a vibrant play space that embodies school pride. With a blue color scheme mirroring the school’s branding, this playground offers endless fun for children of all ages.


Dive into adventure at Ocean View Elementary School's playground, where the vibrant blue hues reflect the school's spirit. The 5-12 year old section boasts thrilling features such as a netplex tower, boogie board, slides, and pod steppers. Meanwhile, the 2-5 year old section seamlessly blends natural elements with the blue theme, creating a welcoming environment for our youngest learners. Nature-inspired rock climbers add both excitement and beauty to the playground, enhancing the play experience for all.


Albany, California
End owner:
Albany Unified School District
BASE Landscape Architects
Playbooster™ 5-12, Playbooster™ 2-5

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