Bille Park

One of my all time favorite Landscape Structures playgrounds was finally replaced with new LSI equipment this month after over 25 years. The Bille Park playground in Paradise, California (in the Sierra foothills near Chico) had served the surrounding communities with its venerable redwood and aluminum core structural components. Landscape Structures’ old “Alumacore” playsystem was a testament to sustainability, durability and fine design in its era. I was proud to have helped design the Bille Park playground in the mid-eighties, and my longtime Ross colleague, Jon Bawden, spearheaded the new design process with the Paradise Recreation & Park District, and helped organize the construction, which was accomplished by District personnel (see photo). The bottom line for the Paradise community: LSI equipment looks great and lasts a long time, with minimal maintenance cost and commitment to true sustainability  That’s an ownership proposition that makes sense!

By Ewing Philbin

The Original Alumacore Playstructure Installed in the Mid-1980s

District Personnel Work Together to Install the New LSI Playground

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