Purchasing through the bid process can add extra work and delays in developing and installing your playgrounds. Unfortunately this cumbersome process also forces knowledgeable, experienced professionals to settle for less than they expected if they are forced to accept the low-bid, lower-quality contractor or alternative to their specifications.

We are proud to be able to offer various purchasing contracts to help your project be completed quickly and most effectively. These contracts are nationally available, competitively bid, government-to-goverment procurement services and are only available to public agencies. Through these contracts we can offer the best pricing on all of our products and services while meeting your bid law requirements.

  • Time Savings – fulfill your bid requirements quickly and efficiently
  • Money Savings – no costs or fees to participate and no minimum spending requirements
  • Complete Control – get the quality and design you expect on your project
  • Turnkey Solutions – the ability to include all products and scope of work under one contract

Utilizing a purchasing contract will allow you to have more control over the project and ensure that all products are designed and executed exactly to your standards.

Our products are available through these purchasing contracts: