Ages 5-12 – Nature-Inspired Playground Equipment

Landscape Structures’ AdventureScapes® Playground Climbing Equipment encourages children’s natural climbing inclination while providing an exciting element of challenge. Kids can build upper-body and core strength as they climb up, over and across these innovative rugged climbers.

Ages 2-5 – Nature-Inspired Playground Products

Landscape Structures’ Play Naturally product line improves the motor skills, coordination, strength, and agility of toddler and preschool-aged children. Easy-to-grip hand and foot holds, correctly proportioned play activities, and built-in safety features ensure that kids ages 2 to 5 learn more, play hard and stay safe.

Nature-Inspired Freestanding Play Equipment

Kids that play outside are more apt to stretch their imaginations along with their muscles, playing longer and more freely as they swing from one adventure to another. Ideal for ages 2 to 12, our line of nature-inspired playground products blend the beauty and wonder of nature with the safety, age appropriateness, durability and educational opportunities of man-made products, offering the best of both worlds in an innovative and inspiring play environment.