The Preserve at District 56

Anchored in the heart of Elk Grove, 56 acres celebrate nature, art and a connection through play.


An exceptional outdoor space deserves an exceptional playground experience. The Preserve at District 56 takes a refreshing detour from traditional playground design by celebrating the surrounding natural features. The opportunity to indulge in myriad imaginary play opportunities describes the fully shaded 2-5 year old play “pond”. Navigating the Landscape Structures' nature-inspired slides, climbers and bridges in and around the pond is sure to engage kids both mentally and physically. Adventurous explorers will undoubtedly be drawn to the unprecedented experience offered by the large artificial grass “mountain”. Without defined interaction, users can take the casual path towards the summit, or choose the most challenging rope climb ascent. Take in the commanding view from the top, then plan your descent down the slide or simply sit down and slide on the ForeverLawn artificial grass to the bottom for more fun.


Elk Grove, California
End owner:
City of Elk Grove
Helix Environmental Planning, Inc.
Landscape Structures Playbooster, Skyways Shade, ForeverLawn Playground Grass

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