Years of Outdoor Fun for Penngrove Elementary Kids

Building long-term relationships is the centerpiece of our Mission Statement and what we do at Ross Recreation Equipment Company.  I was reminded of this recently here in Sonoma County when I was invited to Penngrove Elementary School’s playground grand opening.  Parents, teachers, Petaluma businesses, PG&E (a substantial donor) and other community members had joined forces to raise funds and dedicate a Saturday to the construction of a new Landscape Structures playground for Penngrove School kindergartners.  During the grand opening ceremony, I couldn’t help but think back to sixteen years earlier when I had assisted another parent group install their current upper-grade playground equipment, consisting of monkey bars, swing sets and challenging climbers.  That Landscape Structures play structure is still in service, going strong and promising many more years of fitness focused fun and enjoyment for Penngrove kids.



By Ewing Philbin

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